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What is intertape?
intertape is an independent active audio club (formerly tape recording club) on a private basis. The foundation
took place in Frankfurt am Main in 1972.

What does
intertape do?
produces under its own direction:

- Radio plays
- Audio pictures
- Reports
- Poems
- Sound recordings
- Reports on environment and politics
- Audio magazines
- Since 2012 we also produce the Infotape, a sound magazine not only for blind listeners

Our hobby is audio technology with its various design possibilities.

We have absolutely no commercial goals with our audio work! We are also not a music exchange and we explicitly
distance ourselves from all activities of this kind!

intertape trial listening:
If you want to listen to our webradio program, just write a mail to the mail address given below.

And please do not be afraid of contact or registration. With us everything is quite informal. We are a hobby club with professional standards, but we have no commercial goals.

Contact us:
If you are interested in our Audioclub and its programme, please send a non-binding mail to: - we will contact you.